Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One makes up the Many

I just got done having lunch with a friend today and we were talking about something that I was thinking about this morning. The thought was, "One makes up the Many". So many times it can be easy to see life as being insignificant if we measure impact on "large numbers". Although each person will definitely influence thousands of people in a life time, forgetting the impact we can have every day happens often.

Here is a picture that was taken when I was visiting a hospital in Sudan. This kid is a burn victim. He did not have family that came to visit him and he was scared out of his mind. When I first saw him I started to get tears in my eyes, so I had to look away in order to get my composure. I looked back at him, prayed over him, and just stood to smile with him. I was told to not lift up the mosquito net, so I just stood until he smiled back.

In that moment I really sensed the Lord say the same exact thing..."One makes up the many." If you could take time to just look at this boy and meditate for a few minutes it may be good. Thousands of kids are like this, yet many people use this as an excuse to not impact people. I pray you will not be overwhelmed with "The Many" in such a way that you quit, but I pray you would look at this little guy and see hope. See that you have an opportunity to impact. See that you are "more than a conqueror in Christ". See that when you see pain and despair, it is actually a call to to engage someone with hope. Maybe that "someone" is you. Maybe that someone is your spouse, child, or friend. Maybe that someone is a stranger.

No matter who it is, do not give up. Understand that God is the most precise Being ever! He wants you to impact others. He wants to impact you. This is not just some type of "pep talk" (if you take it that way, it is alright), it is reality. 2 Pet. 1:3-4 says that He has already given us everything we need for LIFE AND GODLINESS through our knowledge of Him. Let His provision cause you to find your hope in Him. Know that it is good have a desire to impact thousands of people, yet do not let the masses become some "goal" to be conquered. Understand that the ultimate end of man is relationship with God. Be relationally focused in all you do...first and foremost with God and then with others.

Every life counts! As you go, live unto Life.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Open Rebuke is Better than Hidden Love

I have not written in a long time, but I will try to be much more faithful on the writing deal. I wanted to tell you all of a great learning time I had yesterday. As some of you know, I am not the most sound person when it comes to...well...nearly anything that can be useful! I am hoping that this will change soon because of what happened yesterday.

I was driving home from church and my tire decided that it had enough and quit working! I found myself on the side of I-20 without the tools that I needed to change my tire. I called Amber and she brought everything I needed, along with Victor (a Sudanese brother that lives with us...who by the way has many useful trades). As the tire was getting changed the "Courtesy Police" came behind us and turned on their lights so that we wouldn't get hit by any oncoming traffic. The driver steps out to ask if we were doing alright and I immediately noticed that he had an African accent. I asked him where he was from and we started talking about the Lord. As he was looking in my trunk (at the blown tire) he kindly let me know that I did have the tools!!!! They were in some side compartment (that of course only car genius people would know about). He then smiled really nice at me and said, "Brother, the Bible says that My people perish for lack of knowledge and God is not just talking about salvation."

What a rebuke! The strange thing is that I did not try to knock him out (or something else of that nature) but I sensed the Lord telling me that He wants me to learn so much about Him in every area of life...even cars, etc. This was such a time of refreshing for me. Spurgeon says, "Count nothing little which even in a small degree hinders your usefulness." The rebuke yesterday was a great wake up call and an opportunity to change.