Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughts from Peter Kreeft

"The root of most atheism is not argument but attitude, not intellection but feeling, not the love of truth but the fear of truth."

"A complete apologetic does not ignore happiness any more than it ignores truth."

"Kierkegaard said that if he were a doctor and were allowed to prescribe just one remedy for all the ills of the modern world, he would prescribe silence. For even if the Word of God were proclaimed, it would not be heard or heeded, for there is too much noise and busyness in our world. Therefore, create silence..."

"Unless the apologist creates internal silence in his reader, unless he produces somehow that precious moment of sudden standstill shock, his apologetics is only chatter or scholarship, not power."

What do you think???

Monday, August 13, 2007

Isaac's Surgery

Hey Everyone,

We were able to send out two missionaries on Saturday to Kenya and Sudan!!

One of our friends by the name of Isaac, who is an orphan, was severely burned when he was very young. An incredible American doctor flew over to Kenya in order to do plastic surgery on Isaac's arm and fingers.

The two missionaries, Megan Daniels and Robin Oas, were able to travel over to Kenya in order to take care of Isaac during his recovery. They will be travelling back to Sudan with him. Robin will stay a while longer and participate in some women's ministry while Megan will travel back very soon because she is getting married.

If you want to track their journey you can check it out at our ministry blog: www.sudanskids.blogspot.com.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tozer on "The Warfare of the Spirit"

I have been challenged greatly the past couple of days from A.W. Tozer's words in his book "The Warfare of the Spirit."

"It is possible within the provisions of redemptive grace to enter into a state of union with Christ so perfect that the world will instinctinvely react toward us exactly as it did toward Him in the days of His flesh.

IT IS A GREAT REPROACH TO US CHRISTIANS THAT WE EXCITE IN THE HEARTS OF THE UNBELIEVING MASSES LITTLE MORE THAN PLAIN BOREDOM. They meet us with smiling toleration ot ignore us altogether, and their silence is a portent and a sign. Well might it cause us nights of tears and hours of prayerful self-examination.

It is the Spirit of Christ in us that will draw Satan's fire. The people of the world will not much care what we believe and they will stare vacantly at our religious forms, but there is one thing they will never forgive us - the presence of God's Spirit in our hearts. They may not know the cause of that strange feeling of antagonism which rises within them, but it will be nonetheless real and dangerous. Satan will never cease to make war on the Man-child, and the soul in which dwells the Spirit of Christ will continue to be the target for his attacks."

Let me know what you think.