Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some thoughts of Titus on Heaven and Hell

I just got back from my grandma's funeral in St. Louis. I brought Titus and took time to explain things such as a casket, where do people go when they die, what would happen when they close the casket to put it in the ground, etc. It was quite an interesting conversation. That night we went to the house of some good friends and as Titus was playing in the sandbox the following dialogue to place:

Titus: Daddy. Look. I made a casket for the shovel (he had buried the shovel in sand).

Me: Oh yea? That is interesting.

Titus: Yea. Did you know that when we play in the sand in Heaven it will be so much fun?!?!

Me: Yea buddy. It will be.

Titus: Yea, it would not be as much fun to play in the sand in Hell.

Me: It wouldn't be fun at all because fun is not even a possibility in Hell.

Titus: Yea, unless I brought a brick down there and killed Satan with it!!

Me: That's quite an interesting thought. Guess what?

Titus: What?


Immediately after this he just went back to playing around in the sandbox like a typical 4 year old. His insight amazes me a ton. It is always interesting to see how he put thoughts together that are quite profound, but then also has the maturity to HAVE FUN ALSO.

Love Truth

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Eric Clark said...

WOW...I could not have articulated it better...preach on Titus